Obra ni Maria 01 – Dalampasigan

21st August 2016 | No Comments
Dalampasigan by Maria

Habang ang bibig ng karagatan ay humahalik Sa mala-paraisong dalampasigan, Aking tinanaw ang dating tagpuan Biglang nanumbalik ang mga tuwa at ngiti Na ka’y tagal nang di bumati sa aking labi.   Sa pag sikat ng panibagong araw, Aking napagtanto ang di mabilang na pagkakataon Na mag-isa kong hinarap ang mga alon. Hanggang sa ako’y…

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18th August 2016 | No Comments

And suddenly, the clouds have cleared. The sun shone and it has never been brighter. Suddenly, I look at you at a whole new different light. Dormant emotions suddenly rising, Hope cups suddenly refilling, Yet, somewhere along the way, I’ll close my drapes and think of all the ways, That you would never learn to…

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I Still Look For You

8th August 2016 | No Comments
Mon Amour

I look at his photos, maybe even stare in his eyes and let him hold my hand. We may stand under my yellow umbrella in the pouring rain, smiling, but I won’t feel the same way I felt that last time you stood in front of me. In the height of my freedom, I still…

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A Love Letter…

30th July 2016 | No Comments

Dear love, I have been thinking about you for the longest time, wondering where you are and what you’re up to. It’s funny, cause I haven’t even met you nor seen your face, yet I believe that wherever you are a part of you thinks of me, too. Damn, I can’t wait to finally meet…

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18th July 2016 | No Comments
Creator : https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/moon/dementor/

I’m drained, not only with all the energy I had left in me but all the love I have left to keep. I am not the person I was when I met you, naive with all the hopes that she could change you. Today, I stand here with my feet firmly on the ground. I’m…

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