Nowhere Girl

Making all her nowhere plans for nobody...
Thoughts & Poetry

Te perdonaré…

I haven’t thought of you in a while, but last night you popped into my dreams. For some unknown reason, you were there, smiling at me and holding my hand. We were in some sort of an old castle which kind of reminds me of Meatloaf on Anything for Love. There was some sort of […]

Thoughts & Poetry

In my dreams…

‪I had a dream a couple of nights ago.‬ ‪I dreamed of you of all people I could dream about and I dreamed of a situation we always talked about when there are endless possibilities in what I could dream about. But instead, I dreamed of you and the child we always wanted. She looked […]

Unsent Letters Series

Unsent Letters 02

Back to where I first saw you in full light, with a bucket of beer by my side like we’ve done.  I look in the distance thinking about that night. Thought about the things we talked and laughed about, how I realized that I liked you a lot.  Wondered what I might have said that […]

Unsent Letters Series

Unsent Letters 01 

I’m nothing close to being wiser.I held out my hand to you hoping things are finally getting better… that you’re a little kinder. But you like to play with the fire of which I no longer desire. Yet, here I am on a pedestal even more illogical, irrational. Thinking ’bout you when I shouldn’t— but […]

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