4th September 2016 | No Comments

My love is an ocean. Many men have sailed but sunk. Deep within the depths are debris. Broken, fragmented, scattered. I believe there’s too much rubble. So much that no one would dare, To do anything to stay afloat.

My Untold Pain

29th August 2016 | No Comments

To this day, I still think of you. I still dream about you, of all the things that could have been and all the things that I could have done with you. I think of all the places we could have been to. You came in swiftly, I wasn’t even sure if I were ready,…

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25th August 2016 | No Comments

I don’t love you But I would like to make love to you I want to look deep into your eyes Peek through your soul As you look back in mine   I don’t love you But I would make love to you So hold me close, I’m yours tonight It doesn’t matter if it’s…

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Obra ni Maria 01 – Dalampasigan

21st August 2016 | No Comments
Dalampasigan by Maria

Habang ang bibig ng karagatan ay humahalik Sa mala-paraisong dalampasigan, Aking tinanaw ang dating tagpuan Biglang nanumbalik ang mga tuwa at ngiti Na ka’y tagal nang di bumati sa aking labi.   Sa pag sikat ng panibagong araw, Aking napagtanto ang di mabilang na pagkakataon Na mag-isa kong hinarap ang mga alon. Hanggang sa ako’y…

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18th August 2016 | No Comments

And suddenly, the clouds have cleared. The sun shone and it has never been brighter. Suddenly, I look at you at a whole new different light. Dormant emotions suddenly rising, Hope cups suddenly refilling, Yet, somewhere along the way, I’ll close my drapes and think of all the ways, That you would never learn to…

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