Nowhere Girl

Making all her nowhere plans for nobody...
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And all of a sudden, we’re strangers once again. Back into the crowd of smiling faces of the broken hearts and empty spaces. I’ve sunk deep enough in the abyss that I’ve reached its end. Yet, this heart still won’t bend. Now that we’re strangers again, Back to nothing, but I’m still hoping. These spaces […]

Thoughts & Poetry

Obra ni Maria 05 – Enero

Him: Iyong iyo ko hon! Buong buong buo… Her: kung di rin lang ikaw wag nalang Him: Mahal na mahal kita higit pa sa iniisip mo… — Enero 2014 Enero 2017 na… Wala ng sila Tanging alaala na lamang nila ang natira Ngunit heto parin, magkausap nanamang muli Pinaguusapan ang nakaraan, at kasalukuyan Nagbabakasali Nagtatawanan […]

Thoughts & Poetry

The Art of Me

There was a time when all you see was me… camera phone in hand, you’d capture me. Vulnerable, as you clicked. Stripped down naked, curled up in bed or with a drink. Never in my life had I been photographed the way you did to me… All my life, that will always be the art […]

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